Main professional positions


Ecole Polytechnique. Corps et Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées. Centre d’Etudes des Programmes Economiques. Docteur, Université de Fribourg.


1957-1960 -Director of the Senegal Development Mission.

1960-1963 -Professor and vice-director, National School for Statistics and Economic Administration.

-Founder and Director, The European Study Center for Economists and Statisticians of Developing Countries.

1963-1967 -Research Professor, Harvard University.

1967-1972 -Professor, Stanford University.

1972- -Professor and Director of Studies, School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences.

1972-1987 -Professor, Institute of Political Science.

1972-1994 -Professor, Head of Social Science Department, ENPC.

1972-1981 -Research Fellow, CEPREMAP (General Planning Commission).

1981-1992 -Founder and Director, Research Center in Socio-Economic Analysis.

1993-1999 -General Council member.

1999- -Member of the Institute of Public Economics.

-Research Associate, Research Center in Economics and Management.

Visiting professorship and positions

Duke University.

International Monetary Fund.

European University Institute.

University of Louvain.

University of Montreal.

University of Waterloo.

University of Tunis.

Government or institutional advisory positions

(France, Sénégal, Chile, Portugal, Greece, OECD, World Health Organization).


Fellow of the Econometric Society (from 1972).

Officer of the Palmes Académiques.

Honorary doctorates:

University of Fribourg.

Institute of Oriental Philosophy (Tokyo).

Soka University.

Editor or associate editor of scientific journals

Journal of Public Economics (till     ).

Journal of Economic Inequalities.

Social Choice and Welfare.

Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

Journal of Political Philosophy.

Political Economy of the Good Society.

Philosophie économique.

Studies in Economic Ethics and Philosophy.

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.

Economic Analysis.