The basic concept of the triangle for the analysis of the theory of public goods was introduced and used for studying the relations between the allocation of public goods and distribution in volume 1 of the book The Foundations of Public Economics (Les Fondements de l’Economie Publique – Introduction à la Théorie du Rôle Economique de l’Etat), 1963, IFP, Paris. Part of this analysis was considered again in the five-volume Lectures on Public Economics (Cours d’Economie Publique), 1970, CNRS-Dunod, Paris.

The texts reproduced here are:

1) Chapter 9 (pages 211 to 221) of the books Public Value (La Valeur Publique) and The State and the Price System (l’Etat et le Système des Prix), 1970;

2) Chapter 4 of The Foundations of Public Economics, 1963.

The Kolm Triangle for Public Goods – 1

The Kolm Triangle for Public Goods – 2